Smatrace Solutions’s New Project Assessment Method

A key to the success of our approach is our New Project Assessment Method. As we explore ideas that have potential, we apply this method to ensure the ideas would be viable, meet Smatrace Solutions’s standards and be in line with our organizational truths.

Graphic of a clipboard with the words “New Project Assessment Method”While different parts of the method are applied at different stages of a new project’s lifecycle, all seven of the core elements below are applied before a project leaves the “Transition” stage:

Chance for Transformative Change—Does the proposed solution lower the cost of delivering a social good by a factor of 10 or bring a technological capability to a community that didn’t have a solution at all?

Meeting User Needs—What are the needs of the users and how will the proposed solution actually meet those needs and improve their lives?

Low Technical Risk—How much existing technology can we apply to address the social need and avoid recreating the wheel?

Distribution and Go-to-Market Plan—If the proposed solution can make a difference, how can we get it to the people who need it?

Partnership Plan—Who are the cross-sector stakeholders we can engage to help us ensure that the proposed solution would have meaningful social impact?

Financial Sustainability Plan—Does the proposed solution have a path to financial sustainability so that after the initial donor investment it can support itself on the revenue it generates?

Exit Options—What are at least three exit options for the proposed solution?

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